Henry cuir Campeche Hobo Bag: The Allure of Cuir

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de1d9 henry cuir campeche hobo Henry cuir Campeche Hobo Bag: The Allure of Cuir

I am drawn to this bag like a moth to a (non-threatening) flame. Maybe because it brings to mind the much-loved VBH Nap Sac, with its elongated shape, deep V at the opening, and lengthy straps. Naturally, the ever-distinctive Henry cuir stands on his own with the Campeche, a hobo that melds fashion and function like no other.

What makes this bag unmistakably cuir? The color, a pale yellow so well-blended with tan that it’s verging on neutral (so easy and wearable), the contrasting handle to keep you on your toes, and of course, trademark stitching details down the center seam. These details embody the Henry cuir aesthetic – without going drastically bohemian.

There’s no sense of sloppiness whatsoever. Its tailored lines are fluid and elegant, while the bead closure is delicate, the stitching is charming – these quirky elements account for the relaxed feel, offsetting a strict minimalist look.

The long 20” handle-drop makes this your ideal winter bag: eases over coats with space to spare, and our petite friends can even hang it crossbody, for the nod to bohemia this brand is famous for. However you wear it, this bag slouches slightly, so no stiffness here. The V-opening, along with the tall silhouette is elongating – yes, a bag can flatter the body too!
At Barneys New York for $1,425.

Pair with: Structure and slouch. ADAM’s two-tone wool coat has a minimal structure, with a swingy, asymmetrical bottom that falls into charcoal-tweed points. Double the elongation, double the relaxation. ADAM Long Wrap Coat, $795.

Web Snob September 30, 2011

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58d28 websnob sep30 Web Snob September 30, 2011Second City Style goes from Runway To Real Way to Punch Up Your Wardrobe With a Fall Poncho!

There’s few things Shoe Snob loves more than a Rick Owens wedge… except for maybe a Rick Owens wedge that’s stuck on a pair of gray suede thigh high fabulous boots!

Couture Snob reminds you that infusing leather to your clothes now (accessories don’t count) is current and essential. When you mix it with traditional charcoal wool, it shows your naughty and nice sides simultaneously.

SHEfinds is all about the miracle dress (aka what to wear on fat days). Get one for yourself, a la Kate Winslet.

There is a definite mythical attraction to moonstones, and these Irene Neuwirth bewitching earrings at Jewel Snob are no exception.

FabSugar has the Celebrity Accessory Report: Add a Pop of Red!

Most makeup artists say that you only need face primer and that you can use that one primer on your skin, lips, eyes, etc. After having condensed them into one, Beauty Snob can attest to the fact that you really do only need one for your entire face!

Tot Snob has the ultimate – what more could a little girl ask for than a pink, white and chrome sedan to cruise around in?!

Carven Spring 2012 Collection: The Discreet Charm of Carven

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82500 carven ss12 bag Carven Spring 2012 Collection: The Discreet Charm of Carven

For Spring 2012, designer Guillame Henry brought a sense of folkloric fun-in-the-sun to his neat yet naughty Parisian aesthetic. Carven is expanding with fast-paced energy, especially in the realm of handbags. While the clothes vacillated between twisted schoolgirl uniforms (tweaked with leather, via pleated skirts, cut-out jumpers, and high-waisted shorts) and colorful, easy dresses with a dash of Lolita (and even easier shoes, somehow so frumpy, they heightened the cool factor in a way only Parisians could manage), the bags peppered throughout the show brought them to vivid color.

In festive ethnic candy-rainbow stripes and Ikat-like prints, they offered verve and context to the coquettish clothes, enhancing the mood of refined play. It looks like Carven has found their niche with the roomy clutch – large enough to be carefree, materials that are perfectly unexpected, and formal enough to appeal to the Carven woman’s love of a good dress.
The peppy goldenrods of the frocks and royal blues of the shoes demanded bags that played up their sense of elegant cute. Think Gretel dropping breadcrumbs en route to grandmother’s house – if Granny lived in a fabulous Paris apartment, and Gretel was a chic city girl who loved adventurous vacations. A stretch of the imagination, but isn’t that the charm of getting dressed?

Marc Jacobs Latest Bags: Reeling Me Back

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0c1b2 marcjacobs eddie colorblock thompson bag Marc Jacobs Latest Bags: Reeling Me Back

Maybe Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 show was a hint that he has gone back to his roots (it focused on his amateur hits, like lots of polka dots, rubber boots, and grunge gone entirely glamorous). With fresh new designs, he seems to be back in the game when it comes to accessories. And as his clothes for Spring 2012 are harking back to the drop waists and unbuttoned overcoats he’s known for, Marc has returned to simple bags with one or two focal points – exactly where he’s strongest.

Take the Eddie ($1,995), for example. This nubuck suede double top-handle (with a shoulder strap option) is spellbindingly simple, except for the detail that makes it: the scooped-out pocket framing the front, complete with a very Jacobs-esque button tab. It’s cute meets mod meets fabulously chic.

And finally, a color-blocked tote Marc Jacobs Latest Bags: Reeling Me Back ($1,795) that does the trend justice without screaming hues from the hills! The subtle contrast of muted moss green, ivory, and off-black lambskin is inviting and harmonious, come fall or spring.

The Thompson Marc Jacobs Latest Bags: Reeling Me Back ($1,250) has the most going on – to cool effect. The oblong strip of leather across the front is this season’s signature detail. In this case, curving side panels are in sync with its odd shape, and it amounts to nondescript yet eye-catching interest. Taupe or orange? That’s like apples and, well, oranges: both are great and it’s a personal choice.

The real question at this point is, will Marc Jacobs regain the top position again?  I’d says it’s a pretty good bet.

Banana Republic Kristin Tote: A New Republic

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bc4d6 Banana Republic Kristin Tote Banana Republic Kristin Tote: A New Republic

Sometimes you have to see to believe. I was prepared to slob this bag until I eyed it up-close. Cheap and chic has never rung so true! With an easy north-south rectangular shape and straps you don’t have to think about, it’s the most convenient on-the-go-bag I’ve see in awhile. I have the orange (less juicy-bright, more muted coral-rust), and I’m addicted to it for daily errands – maybe because it fits my MacBook. It seems I’m not the only one – I witnessed more than a few fashion editors toting it between shows over Fashion Week in NYC!

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. With ultra-minimal hardware, it’s surprisingly lightweight, the additional body strap is convenient when the load piles up, and the leather quality is really nice for this price. And now it’s snob-approved! Choose between offbeat orange, easy black, glamorous anthracite, and classic camel, and you’ll find yourself using it more often than some of your quadruple-digit-priced bags. Simply a must-have if you’re on a budget and looking for a bag under $200. At Banana Republic for $130.

Pair with: Toughen up this neutral masculine-feminine tote with another affordable option. You’ll be grateful you’re wearing Vera Wang Lavender Label comfortable lace-up Rafael boots on days you’re scampering all over town. On ShopBop Banana Republic Kristin Tote: A New Republic for $425.

Agnes Petal Long Satchel

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e802b agnes petal long satchel Agnes Petal Long Satchel

We all like oversize designer bags, but not all of us have the funds to shell out for them, as much as we might covet a closet full of Balenciagas. So we’ve got to look to more affordable options, like this super-stylish Agnes Petal Long Satchel. The tan color is just begging to be put with a pair of Oxfords. But while this purse would be a perfect part of a hipster wardrobe, it can also do double-duty as a sophisticated office bag. Available at Lilac Bijoux for $64.

Alexander McQueen Velvet Long Clutch

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e43cd Alexander McQueen Velvet Long Clutch1 Alexander McQueen Velvet Long Clutch

If I were a millionaire, I would collect Alexander McQueen clutches, and I’d start my collection off with this exquisite Alexander McQueen Velvet Long Clutch. I honestly don’t think a gal could ever have too many bags from Alexander McQueen! This little lovely features a silky velvet exterior, signature skull hardware, a magnetic flap closure, a single inside zip pocket, and satin lining. Pick it up for $955 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sigma Pocket Satchel

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c3992 sigma pocket satchel Sigma Pocket Satchel

The Sigma Pocket Satchel is like your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans — worn in without being shabby, stylish without being trendy, and your favorite go-to for just about any casual occasion. What makes this satchel so excellent for animal-friendly fashionistas is that it’s made entirely of faux leather! If brown isn’t your flavor, check out the sumptuous grey and black options or the gorgeous (and perfectly timed) orange.  Pick one up today at Handbag Heaven for $50.

Prada Eco Mongolia Garden Tote Bag

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78313 Prada Eco Mongolia Garden Tote Bag Prada Eco Mongolia Garden Tote Bag

Never, never, never ever could I sport this Prada Eco Mongolia Garden Tote Bag! When I look at it, all I can see is a giant, furry fiasco! Don’t let this photo fool you into thinking this purse is a small ball of cuddly fur either, it actually measures 18″ wide x 9½” high x 9½” deep, making it quite the monstrous mess. Don’t get me wrong, I love Prada and I’m fine with the occasional fur accent, but this bag is a little too far gone to be fabulous. If this tangled mess of fur has you somehow tickled, you can find it for $995 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Kate Spade Walker Park Raleigh Cross Body Bag

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86213 kate spade walker park raleigh Kate Spade Walker Park Raleigh Cross Body Bag

Winter may be among us, but that shouldn’t leave you feeling left out in the cold without a good shoulder bag to cry on.  The perfectly timed release of the Kate Spade Walker Park Raleigh Crossbody Bag actually makes us glad to pull out our wool tights and don our knit caps.  This leather-trimmed felt bag is all about utilizing this season’s fabrics to our advantage.  The felt itself may make this bag feel like a breezy, casual walk in the park, but the exquisite stitching and patent-leather strap upgrade this bag to total office party status.  This winter wonderland is available at Nordstrom for $245. 

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